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The “Digital Brain” Has Arrived

  • It’s the fastest growing technology known to man[1]
  • Elon Musk proclaims it “the most disruptive force in history”[2]
  • Forbes predicts it will unleash the greatest profit engine ever[3]

Mike Casson is an experienced serial entrepreneur and capital markets specialist. He was an equity partner in a FINRA broker-dealer and while on the sell-side held multiple securities licenses including Series 65, registered investment adviser. Mike holds a Marketing Degree from Southern Methodist University (SMU in Dallas, TX) and is a self-proclaimed evangelist for carefully researched micro and small-cap investment opportunities, especially those available to individual investors. He publishes several investment newsletters, is market-sector agnostic and is a proud U.S. Army veteran.

It’s called the “Dot-Com Boom 2.0.”[4]

And tech magnates like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg are throwing billions of dollars at it.[5]

Venture capitalists have increased their positions in it from $408 million in 2018 to $4.5 billion in 2022.[6]

Some institutional investors proclaim it the most influential technology to ever shape the future of trading.[7]

What is it?

Well, it’s artificial intelligence – AI for short.

In simple terms, AI refers to the ability of machines and computers to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence.[8]

In other words, a “digital brain” – technology that connects people, processes, and products.[9]

With such a broad array of uses in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, transportation, travel, agriculture, and many other verticals[10][11]

Yahoo Finance reports that AI has placed us on “the cusp of a technological revolution that will fundamentally change how we live our lives.”[12]


You’re already using AI, perhaps without realizing it…

You’re already using AI, perhaps without realizing it…

AI is not all robot dogs and self-driving cars. 

If you’ve ever used voice assistants such as Alexa or Siri, you’ve used AI.[14]

When you get an alert about suspicious activity on your credit card, it may mean AI is trying to protect you from fraud.[15]

Netflix uses AI to recommend what to watch based on your viewing history and other factors.[16]

These may seem like mundane examples, but the possibilities for AI going forward are boundless…*

University of Toronto researchers have already used AI to discover a potential new liver cancer drug — in less than a month.[17]

Stock traders may increasingly use AI to assess millions of data points at once – to quickly gauge risk and make smarter investing decisions.[18]

AI-powered systems can lead to better quality control in food processing, protecting us from contaminated or defective food products.[19]

These uses just scratch the surface…

The Dot-Com Boom seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity –
but today’s AI Boom is unfolding even more rapidly[20]

The financial potential of AI is simply staggering.*

The Motley Fool describes it as the “new gold rush”[21] – for good reason.

AI is predicted to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.*[22]

According to Forbes, AI will unleash the greatest profit engine in history – as expensive human-managed processes are replaced by cheaper and more efficient digital ones.[23]

As AI transforms and reinvents business, Forbes also predicts that companies will happily invest heavily in “intelligent” systems.*[24]

I’ve been keeping an eye out for promising AI micro-cap opportunities. And today, you can be among the first to hear about this AI game-changer. I believe it could be a potentially lucrative opportunity for early investors.*

I’m talking about Railtown AI Technologies Inc. (RLAIF). This up-and-coming company uses next-generation artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way software applications are planned, designed, built and maintained.[25]

Railtown AI’s innovative platform – developed in-house – serves as a comprehensive solution for building, deploying, debugging, and managing software applications in diverse verticals.[26]

To fully understand this company’s potential, it’s important to first gain a sense of the AI trajectory.

The first wave of artificial intelligence breakthroughs lifted chipmakers such as Nvidia[27]

The first phase of the boom proved that the technology – the hardware – worked.

With an exploding demand for the chips used to power AI-related technology, Nvidia achieved a rarified market cap exceeding $1 trillion.[28]

But AI is entering a new chapter…

One where I believe we could see large AI plays like Nvidia slow down – and small, nimble companies working with AI in specific areas thrive.

I believe that Railtown AI (RLAIF) is one such company – a pioneering firm at the center of the game-changing innovation.

You see, in the evolution of artificial intelligence, an innovation called “generative AI” has become a step forward in the development phase.

Instead of just reacting to data input, generative AI takes in data and then uses predictive algorithms (a set of step-by-step instructions) to create original content.[29]

In simple terms, generative AI learns from its mistakes. It can self-correct and build on its knowledge.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, launched in late 2022, is the best example of the current state of generative AI and its self-learning capabilities.[30]

Over a million people signed up to use ChatGPT in just five days. As the fastest-growing app of all time, ChatGPT hit 100 million users in just under two months[31] – 27 times faster than Facebook.[32]

However, ChatGPT and generative AI are just scratching the surface of AI technology’s potential.

Elon Musk calls AI “the most disruptive force in history”[33]

AI is indeed a technology with the potential to disrupt entire industries as we know them.

And experts predict that the AI explosion may not only save the market, but is likely to change the course of the economy.*[34]

Tech giants are spending billions in artificial intelligence to avoid falling behind in the generative AI boom.[35][36]

Google leads the pack with its $30.7 billion investment in AI

Facebook has $22.1 billion invested

Amazon and Microsoft have each invested $10 billion.

The new wave of AI has everything to do with software

To non-tech folks, software may seem like a nebulous concept.

But basically, software is the program and instructions that a computer uses to make itself run.[37]

Software is actually what we think of as the digital brain of a business.[38]

Just like the human brain helps us think, decide, and remember, software helps a business perform vital functions efficiently and accurately.

Software can automate repetitive tasks, saving time and reducing errors.

It helps businesses keep track of information and data – anything from customer details to inventory levels. It’s like having a digital filing cabinet that’s easy to search.[39]

With the right software, tasks can be completed much faster than if done manually. Software can analyze data to provide insights and help businesses make better decisions.

The crucial nature of high-quality software underscores why I’m telling investors to keep their eyes on Railtown AI (RLAIF).*

Software bugs and glitches can be costly – even deadly

Despite how frequently we use software, many people fail to see its value.

Until something goes wrong, that is…

A Facebook software issue in 2021 led to a loss of $65 million in ad revenue and temporarily reduced Mark Zuckerberg’s personal wealth by $6 billion.[40]

In 2023, both United Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines experienced costly service outages due to “wonky software upgrades.”[41]

And in February 2024, over 70,000 AT&T wireless customers were impacted by a 10+ hour outage caused by yet another software update gone wrong.[42]

But the consequences can become much worse than frustrated customers and financial loss…

An investigation into two plane crashes involving Boeing 737s found that a “glitch” in the plane’s flight-control software may have been at least partially responsible for the crashes that killed 346 people.[43]

Software bugs are every developer’s worst nightmare

A 2018 study by the Consortium for Information and Software Quality found that software developers typically make from 100 to 150 errors for every thousand lines of code that they write.[44]

Furthermore, as the complexity of software systems continues to grow, businesses face an increasing number of bugs and errors across tens of thousands of lines of code.

What’s more, to find and fix a single software error, software engineers typically spend about 13 hours.[45]

So, it’s little wonder that software quality issues cost U.S. companies over $2 trillion per year.[46]

Software saviors to the rescue…

Now, I wouldn’t know a code snippet or a root cause analysis from strawberry jam. The important thing is, the team at Railtown AI (RLAIF) eats, sleeps, and breathes software development
This AI company can help software developers:
  • Discover errors early, in real-time
  • Save time on redundant tasks
  • Improve productivity
  • Drive down costs
  • Accelerate the speed and efficiency of creating, modifying, and deploying high-quality code[48]
And speaking of that platform…

Railtown AI (RLAIF) announced a milestone in December 2023[51]

This impressive microcap company has a first-mover advantage with its custom-built AI engine – the Application General Intelligence™ Platform. [52]

The company’s internally built Machine Learning Engine enables Railtown’s platform to help clients be more productive and profitable by providing timely mission-critical insights and automating the performance of repetitive tasks.

The Application General Intelligence™ Platform also provides the foundation that will enable third-party users to customize the Railtown platform and create new software solutions without the need for writing or understanding the underlying code.[54]

This is a big plus! Low-code and no-code development platforms have the potential to reduce app development time by 90%.[55]

Having a no-code virtual developer could elevate Railtown AI to a developer platform, unlocking potential unicorn-level opportunities.*[56]

Just consider this: after launching its App Directory allowing 3rd party developers to build their own workflows and apps, Slack was acquired by Salesforce for $27 billion.[57]

Similarly, Trello was acquired for $425 million after launching its platform allowing 3rd party developers to build and distribute their own platform extensions.[58]

All this makes Railtown AI (RLAIF) a comprehensive solution for development teams looking to optimize their workflows and accelerate project timelines.

Now, if you’ve been looking into AI for a while (or are just dipping your toes in the water), I have a warning for you…

Beware of “AI Snake Oil”

“Artificial intelligence” is a great marketing buzzword. Tech companies can score a lot of press and investor attention by touting the use of AI in their products or business processes.

It’s because the very concept of AI can be difficult to understand that some companies exploit this public confusion by slapping an “AI” label on their products.[59]

The Wall Street Journal notes that at least 40% percent of companies making those claims don’t use any form of real AI at all.[60] In fact, their so-called AI technology may be nothing more than algorithms and basic automation strategies.

Princeton professor and AI ethics commentator Arvind Narayanan calls this “AI snake oil”.[61]

Fortunately, this isn’t an issue for Railtown AI (RLAIF).

In my line of work, I hear from folks who are still kicking themselves for missing out on the spoils of the first-generation Dot-Com Boom. Nothing stings like a missed opportunity… That’s why I believe the time to uncover the growth potential in the AI revolution is NOW.*

Eight Reasons Why Railtown AI Technologies Inc. (RLAIF) May Be This Decade’s Biggest AI “Sleeper Play”


The AI Genie is Out of the Bottle – AI applications are predicted to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.*[62] According to a recent survey, at least 50% of global organizations already use AI tools for at least one function within their operations.[63]


Fastest Growing Market – While the AI market reached an impressive $160 billion in 2023[64]Statista reports that the AI market will grow 20-fold to $1.8 trillion by 2030.*[65] This makes it the fastest adopted business technology in history.[66]


Big Money Pouring In – Big-name private investors, tech magnates, venture capitalists,[67] and institutional investors[68] are already on board and investing billions in AI. This is a positive indication that huge opportunities for retail investors could be coming.*


Software is the Backbone of Every Modern Company – Poor quality software costs U.S. companies over $2 trillion annually.[69]Railtown’s AI gives developers a deeper knowledge about their application and identifies and resolves errors immediately. This custom-trained AI Platform drives down inefficiency, improves product quality, lowers costs, and accelerates team velocity.[70]


Robust Market for Software Development Tools and AI as a Service – The global market for software development tools is projected to grow from $4.4 billion in 2021 to $17.2 billion in 2031.*[71] In addition, the global market for AI as a service was valued at $7.2 billion in 2022 – but is forecast to reach $132.4 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 43.9%.[72]


Impressive ManagementRailtown’s (RLAIF) management[73] comprises proven tech founders with decades of experience in software development, capital markets, and investment banking. With 6 tech startups to date, and 4 M&A exits totaling $200 million, the team has collaborated with many world-class companies, including Microsoft, Starbucks, and others.


Unique Intellectual Property Railtown (RLAIF) has filed two North American patents. A third patent is being prepared for filing later in 2024. Its high-margin AI Platform, which can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise, is 100% owned and developed by Railtown.[74]


Business Model With Multiple Revenue Channels – Through resellers, Microsoft Co-Sellers, and direct sales, Railtown’s comprehensive solution appeals to small and medium businesses as well as massive enterprise organizations. Revenue can be generated by subscription, licensing, and support fees or per seat, per month, or per project fees.[75]

Goldman Sachs predicts that first movers will likely be rewarded for their early investment in the generative AI space[76]

So the time to do your due diligence is NOW – before Railtown AI (RLAIF) attracts a wider audience that could drive up its stock price.*

For all the reasons I’ve mentioned above, Railtown AI (RLAIF) could help turn the AI wave into a tsunami. While there are no guarantees, of course, I also see the company as a potential target for
acquisition by a major player.*

According to Bill Gates, “We’re only at the beginning of what AI can accomplish. Whatever limitations it has today will be gone before we
know it.”

I would encourage you to consider this next-generation AI stock to potentially grow your wealth in the coming years.*

This is one technology wave you don’t want to miss.

Investing in Railtown AI (RLAIF) stock has the potential for outstanding gains.* But I should also warn you that so-called “sleeper stocks” also come with a higher risk. And past performance is no guarantee of future results.

So do your own research into Railtown AI (RLAIF) before making any investment decision. Young companies with great stories can carry a significant amount of risk – especially ones new to the market.

That’s why always observe three rules for accepting microcap investing risk:

Risk Reduction Rule #1: I never invest more than I can afford to lose. 

Risk Reduction Rule #2: I don’t chase losses. If the prices slide, I resist all temptation to “average down.”

Risk Reduction Rule #3: I allocate risk capital among a handful of stocks rather than putting all of my dreams into a single microcap.

That said, I think you and your financial advisor will agree that Railtown AI (RLAIF) could be one of 2024’s top headline-making stocks.* With AI tailwinds at its back, I believe this microcap stock is only just getting started.

Wishing you success,

– Mike Casson | Investingtrends.com

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