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Historic Shortages Create Decade's
Top Clean Energy Investment Event[1]

  • Sector stocks soar on bullish Goldman Sachs forecast.[2]
  • Congress slaps embargo on Russian uranium, without new sources U.S. supply could get tight.
  • Basin’s vast Great Plains holdings could be key to homeland security. 

In my 30-years in the markets I’ve rarely seen a headline such as this one.

To be succinct: in commodities, supply shortages, as we once saw with lithium, are high-potential investment events. But, in the clean energy revolution, lithium is a junior partner, uranium looks like the boss. That’s because lithium merely stores energy. Uranium creates energy. The reality is, without a massive growth in clean energy production, EV batteries won’t get charged.

Hello, I am Bryan Perry. Over the past decades I have seen it all. The personal computer and internet revolutions, now clean energy. I have more than 20 years of experience working as a financial adviser for major Wall Street firms, including Bear Stearns, Paine Webber and Lehman Brothers. Since then, I’ve been providing quality analysis for professional traders for well over three decades.

It’s why I am so confident that URANIUM could be one of 2024’s top plays… if not one of the century’s rare opportunities. That said, I hope you’ll also get a second opinion from your broker or investment advisor.

A major clean-energy investment trend is forming right now.

It has nothing to do with EVs, wind or solar – yet its accelerated velocity can no longer be ignored.

This means investors need to make their moves soon in order to tap what could be significant and sustained gains… moreover, the gains could run red hot through the end of the decade. *


As of February 2024, there were at least 62 new reactors under construction … with hundreds more planned or proposed.[3]

That’s because nuclear power is the only 100% clean and sustainable way to generate massive amounts of electricity – the dream of zero emissions made real.[4]

At The Heart Of Nuclear Power Plants Is Tons Of Uranium

And uranium is the heart of nuclear reactors.

But there’s already a crippling uranium supply crisis, which has sent its price up 74% since last April.[5]

Thanks to the voracious appetite of 21st century industries, the deficit could get worse. *

The new reality is that the proliferation of huge data centers, bitcoin miners, Gigafactories, all of which require massive amounts of energy, pose a growing threat to the U.S.’s energy security.[6]

In fact, Amazon just announced a whopping $150 billion-dollar investment into energy sucking data centers.[7] And forked up another $650M into nuclear energy to guarantee they have access to enough energy to run it.[8]

Now add into that intense demand the needs of India, China, and emerging Asian economies and you can see the crisis getting even worse.

It’s all driving the forecast for major uranium deficits – 35 million pounds a year or more– to last at least through to the next decade.[9]

A Rich U.S. Supply Could Be the Answer To This Crisis

And, it all adds up to a rare double-demand crisis…


The demand is the desperate need for supply.


The second, is a demand for miners and explorers to quickly develop new projects.[10]

It means that a company such as Basin Uranium (BURCF) should, at a minimum, be on every natural resource investor’s radar.*

Basin (BURCF) looks like it could be the right company at the right moment.

Here’s what’s going on today and why Basin Uranium (BURCF) could be poised to ascend from a penny stock into the uranium stock big leagues.

Price Is The Clue…
Basin Uranium (BURCF) Could Be The Answer

It’s no surprise that the threat of climate change –real or imagined – lit the fuse for the clean-energy, zero-emission revolution – solar, wind, electric vehicles.

What is surprising is the sudden and unprecedented reversal in public opinion about what could be the cleanest energy of all, nuclear energy.

In the U.S., a strong majority of adult Americans, nearly 60%, now favor nuclear power. That’s up from just 43% in 2020, according to Pew Research Center.[11]

Moreover, 22 countries including the US, Canada, the UK, and France pledged to triple nuclear power capacity by 2050 in a landmark agreement struck in December 2023.[12]

The agreement’s demand implications sent uranium flying.[13]

The price per pound topped $105 this year.[14] That’s the highest price since 2008.[15] It sits above $90 as a write to you­­.[16]

The headlines tell the story.

Why Basin Uranium Could Become An Essential Company In The Heart Of America’s High Plains

Opinions change, the market responds. I mentioned before that 62 nuclear power plants are under construction now, with plans for at least 100 more…and…

Yet, the clean energy revolution could grind to a halt without companies like Basin Uranium (BURCF) and its neighbor in South Dakota.

That’s where Basin Uranium has a large new, five-square mile, endeavor known as the Chord property. 

The Chord property sits adjacent to enCore Energy’s future uranium rich development project, Dewey-Burdock .[23]

This is an important point when considering Basin Uranium (BURCF).

That’s because Basin Uranium’s Chord property sits along the same geological formation as enCore, which borders the prolific Powder River Basin.*[24]

Certified geological reports peg enCore’s Dewey-Burdock project at a measured and indicated resource set at 17.1 million pounds with an inferred resource of an additional700,000 pounds.[25]

enCore says that a bit more than 14 million pounds of uranium could be recovered.*[26]

It’s all worth a touch more than $1 billion, based on a Preliminary Economic Assessment at an all-in sustaining cost of $28.88 a pound and a uranium price of $55 per pound. This dwarfs Bank of America’s current forecast for $100+ a pound.*[27] [28]

Basin Shares a Geological Formation with an Established, Successful Competitor and That’s a Very Big Deal

Now, generally, the fact that an explorer has a good neighbor is secondary reason to invest.

But there’s a superb reason it’s primary for Basin Uranium (BURCF).

You see, a world-famous corporation once owned and explored the Chord property.

That company was Union Carbide.[29]

It extensively explored Chord in the 1970’s with over 1,000 holes drilled. Then the bottom fell out of the uranium market and Union Carbide walked away.[30]

But it left behind an incredible property and a historic feasibility study for its underground mine.[31]

Next, Basin Uranium acquired a substantial data set from the South Dakota Geologic Survey.[32]

It consists of geophysical logs, maps and lithological logs from historic uranium exploration that has taken place in Fall River County.[33]

This data set, combined with Union Carbide’s exploration results will form the basis for upcoming Chord Property exploration and a maiden NI43-101 compliant resource.

One Solid Strategy With Junior Explorers Is To Get In While Shares Are Low Priced Before The Biggest News Breaks*

And thanks to Union Carbide there are some strong hints of what Basin Uranium (BURCFcould find on its Chord property.

That’s because decades old exploration indicated a historic resource 2.4 million pounds of uranium, plus the potential for an additional resource of 1.4 million pounds. *[34] [35]

That “Geologic Review of Chord Uranium Project” was done in 1982 by a consulting geologist named E.K. Pinnick who was tasked to review Union Carbide’s work

And since there has been a significant amount of historic exploration on the property, there were wells installed to monitor groundwater and the water table. These wells have been identified and are now being monitored by the Company.[36]

That is a massive advantage for Basin Uranium (BURCF).

That’s because the majority of modern uranium mining in the USA is technologically advanced and does not use open pit or underground mining.

Instead, uranium is typically mined by a method called In Situ Recovery (ISR).[37]

Wells Offer A Huge Hint That Basin Uranium Could Be Sitting On A Wealth of In Situ Uranium

ISR involves injection wells which bring water to the surface where the uranium is extracted and processed.

The current monitoring wells on the Chord property indicate a significant head of water, which is the first requirement to host a potential ISR deposit. Basin Uranium (BURCFis actively pursuing an exploration program to continue to assess the amenability of In Situ Recovery.

In fact, the company reported that “Overall, results from the hydrology and water sampling of wells B-4 and B-5 were in line with historic test work completed by Union Carbide in the late 1970’s and subsequent consultants in the 1980’s.”[38]

In other words… URANIUM!

Moreover, from an environmental standpoint, the wells suggest the uranium is well contained on the property and that miners could be able to return groundwater within the mined area to its original baseline quality and usage.[39]

So, when you think about mining’s dirty history of death, black lung, and polluted waters, Basin Uranium (BURCF) and its ISR potential could be a huge win-win for the economy and the environment.

Unstable World Means There May Never Be A Better Time Than Now To Jump Into Domestic Uranium Stocks From Major Miners To Junior Explorers Such As Basin Uranium (BURCF)*

There are two charts here that explain why Basin Uranium (BURCFand its domestic uranium properties could elevate the company to an important player in U.S. homeland security.

In brief, the charts tell a sad story of the U.S. paltry production and its dependence on foreign uranium… in particular Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Namibia, Niger… each politically unstable or led by authoritarians unfriendly to the U.S.[40]

Mine Production Major Countries for 2022
Mine Production of Uranium in the United States From 2005 to 2022 in Metric Tons

The shock here is how far the U.S. has fallen from carrying its own weight, which highlights why Basin Uranium (BURCFand its U.S, properties could be an important cog in future stability. 

75 tons is only 165,347 pounds. Now, factor in the US’s consumption, the rate of domestic production equates to basically zero.

The Picture Is Even More Dire Than The Charts Paint

But, as mined uranium is key to supply, today’s most important story is about the enriched uranium that fuels nuclear power plants.

It’s a Russian story.

While Russia ceded its dominant position in oil and gas exports since the war in Ukraine began more than two years ago, it the world’s biggest player in enriched uranium market.[41]

Russia controls 40 percent of the global market, including to Europe, and get this… [42]

The United States is the biggest single buyer of enriched Russian uranium.[43]

So far, the U.S. has got away with allowing Russia to cover its critical supply shortage. 

But how much longer can the U.S. escape Vladimir Putin’s desire to ruin its democracy and economy?[44] That future could be dire…

Russia has a complete monopoly on the production of advanced nuclear fuel that will be needed to power the next generation of nuclear reactors.[45]

More on the cutting-edge reactors in a second.

But as of today, the United States is beholden to Russia for about one-quarter of the enriched uranium that power its 93 nuclear reactors.[46]

Even the U.S. House of Representatives agrees.[47]

With Its Collection Of Uranium Properties, A Sweet Turn Of Events Could Make Uncle Sam Basin Uranium’s Very Best Friend

In what could turn out to be a game changer for companies exploring for domestic uranium, last December the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that if enacted would ban imports of Russian uranium by 2028.

Known as H.R.1042 – Prohibiting Russian Uranium Imports Act – doesn’t sunset until 2040.[48]

In fact, the Department of Energy announced its endorsement of US backed nuclear energy. A whopping $4.4 billion dollar budget to be exact, dedicated to securing a domestic fuel supply.[49]

That’s plenty of time and money to explore and open U.S. uranium mines and build enrichment plants.

The key to the future, of course, is aggressive exploration.

And that looks like Basin Uranium’s (BURCFstrong suit.

Moreover, its diminutive market cap and its potentially sky-high upside give Basin Uranium the look of a top value play today… perhaps grossly undervalued as exploration reveals more about its assets.*

Electricity Demand Now Means Uranium Demand

The world’s 436 nuclear power reactors, with combined capacity of about 400 Gigawatts of electricity, require some 67,500 metric tons of uranium each year, mostly from mines.[50]

As you can see that’s more than is mined across the globe each year. There are, however, secondary sources such as commercial stockpiles, nuclear weapons stockpiles, recycled plutonium and uranium from reprocessing used fuel.[51]

And, thanks to Vladimir Putin’s largess, the U.S. has been able to import 3,142 metric tons of uranium products from Russia between 2018 and 2023, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence data.[52]

It all goes to the 93 reactors spread across the U.S.’s 54 nuclear power plants.[53]

But get this, all that uranium driving all that electricity and… 

“Vast swaths of the United States are at risk of running short of power as electricity-hungry data centers and clean-technology factories proliferate around the country, leaving utilities and regulators grasping for credible plans to expand the nation’s creaking power grid,” according to a March 2024 doomsday story in The Washington Post.[54]

The Post found dire situations such as these.[55]

The stories are similar across the country, like in Texas where crypto mining is sucking massive amounts of power.

An analysis by the consulting firm Wood Mackenzie found that the energy needed by crypto operations was equal a quarter of the electricity used in the state at peak demand…in the whole state of Texas![56]

This is why company’s such as Basin Uranium’s (BURCF) could be such a vital part of America’s future and energy security.

Biggest Trend In Nuclear Power Could Solve All Problems But It Will Demand A Huge Uranium Supply

The wave of the future in nuclear power – something called Small Modular Reactors – has the potential to cure many ills.

The SMRs are advanced nuclear reactors that have a power capacity of up to 300 MW(e) per unit, which is about one-third of the generating capacity of traditional nuclear power reactors. [57]

SMRs can produce a large amount of low-carbon electricity and its systems and components can be factory-assembled and transported as a unit for installation.[58]

That’s unlike huge nuclear power plants that need as much as 200,000 tons of concrete and 40,000 of steel. There’s no way to build that in a factory.[59] In addition, one of the most costly and problematic parts of building a standard nuclear power plant is finding the skilled tradespeople.[60]

This is eliminated with SMRs as most run at significantly lower pressures than those seen in a water-cooled reactor so there is less demand for ultra-qualified tradespeople.

Moreover, given their smaller footprint, SMRs can be sited on locations not suitable for larger nuclear power plants.

SMRs offer savings in cost and construction time, and they can be deployed incrementally to match increasing energy demand.

Of course, it’s nuclear power and that means uranium.

Figure that if takes 27 metric tons of fresh enriched fuel each year to power a big 1,000 MWe reactor, it’ll take nine or 10 tons to fuel an SMR.[61]

More than 80 SMRs are being developed around the world right now so add another 720 million metric tons of uranium to the looming demand.[62]

So, Basin Uranium’s (BURCF) potential is crystal clear.*

History Is On Basin Uranium’s Side

That’s why investors should view Basin Uranium’s high-potential Chord property as an excellent example of how the company does business.*

The essence of Basin’s business plan seems to be this: claim properties that have plenty of historical data that indicates the strong potential for In Situ Recovery uranium.

The company’s 6282-acre Wray Mesa project fits that bill. Its history includes a number of past-producing uranium and vanadium mines, which produced 550,000 pounds in 2012.[63]

That’s because, located in San Juan County, Utah, the property is contiguous to and adjoins Energy Fuel’s production ready La Sal project. Its history includes a number of past-producing uranium and vanadium mines, which produced 550,000 pounds in 2012.[64]

The La Sal project is host to measured and indicated resources of 4.1 million pounds of uranium plus 21.5 million pounds of vanadium.

Historical work at Wray Mesa dates back to Atlas Minerals and Pioneer Uravan in 1976 to 1983.

They drilled a total of 495 exploration holes, with data for 193 holes totaling 137,510 feet. Homeland Uranium in 2007-2008 drilled 15 more holes.[65]

In December, the State of Utah issued permits for drilling of up to 50 new exploration holes at Wray Mesa in 2024.[66]

The initial Phase 1 diamond core drill program is planned for a total of up to 10 holes over the project area, with a focus on both confirming high-grade historical drill results in addition to extending the known zones of mineralization.

Once again, I note that one of the best times for me to make a move on a junior explorer such as Basin Uranium’s (BURCF) is before it makes exploration news. *

The clock is ticking on Wray Mesa, I think.

Basin Uranium’s South Pass Could Yield Exploration Touchdown

There are five square miles on the edge of Wyoming’s Great Divide Basin that someday in the near future could be some of the most valuable in the United States.*

The five square miles are Basin Uranium’s South Pass project.[67]

For, the Great Divide Basin currently holds 270 million pounds of uranium with significant exploration potential.[68]

Basin is working on uncovering significant historical records of exploration drilling, dating back to the 1960’s, which includes the tabulation of a historical inferred resource.

Records from close-spaced drilling in the 1980’s by Rocky Mountain Energy Corp. reported uranium mineralization at depths of over 400 feet – potentially amenable to conventional ISR recovery methods.[69]

Wyoming has a straightforward permitting process with drill permits being submitted soon for Basin Uranium’s (BURCF) project to be approved this summer.* 

No Question About It, Uranium Is An Investable Megatrend

Ultimately, demand for uranium for nuclear plants is forecast to rise to 83,840 metric tons by 2030 and 130,000 metric tons by 2040.*[70]

That’s up from 65,650 this year.

And, as you’ve seen, that demand is driving the forecast for a 35-million-pound supply deficit each year.

That makes the case for nuclear power overwhelming.

In terms of density, one uranium pellet is equal to 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas, 120 gallons of oil and one ton of coal.[71]

That makes the case equally compelling for companies such as Basin Uranium’s (BURCF).

And that is but one of the… 

8 Reasons Why Basin Uranium’s (BURCF) Could Be One of The Decades Very Best Clean Energy Plays*


Smart CEO

Mike Blady made his bones as a geologist. He’s been involved in all facets of building, growing, and operating public companies. Blady also raised over $100 million in capital during his career. Moreover, he’s the force behind Basin’s strategy of claiming properties with extensive historic data that were abandoned during soft uranium markets.[72]


Supply Crisis

Huge global demand for nuclear power plants is forecast to create a massive demand for uranium, and, in turn, an annual deficit of 35 million pound through 2040.[73]


Superior Location

Basin Uranium’s Chord property sits along a fertile geological formation that is currently home to 14 million pounds of a recoverable measured and indicated uranium resource. Union Carbine owned Chord at one time, but back then uranium’s economy didn’t make sense.[74]


Billion Dollar Potential

Today with uranium’s price flirting with historic highs, Basin Uranium’s neighbor believes its all-in cost to mine uranium is $28.88. That could turn 14 million pounds into a massive net profit. *


The Enemy Is Russia

The U.S. nuclear power industry depends on Russia for much of its enriched uranium. Vladimir Putin dreams of destroying America. With domestic uranium, such as Basin Uranium, could mine, Putin’s leverage vanishes.


ISR Potential

ISR is the cheapest source of uranium.[75] That’s a great thing for early investors because Basin Uranium (BURCF) is actively pursuing an exploration program to continue to assess the amenability of In Situ Recovery. Lower production costs could mean that as uranium prices rise with demand, increased profitability could skyrocket. Congress passed The Nuclear Fuel Security Act of 2023. Its aim is establishing new programs and expanding existing programs to increase domestic supplies low-enriched uranium for nuclear energy. Basin Uranium’s domestic holdings in South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah could become a key element of that drive.


Wild Card

I am not a fan of touting a merger as the reason to invest in any junior miner. But Basin Uranium’s neighbor in South Dakota, enCore Energy, could covet Basin’s Chord property. The property is adjacent to enCore’s. But more importantly, it sits on the same geologic formation that hosts enCore’s 14 million pounds of measured and indicated recoverable resource.*


On The Other Hand

If the property is so fertile, maybe Basin Uranium should hold on to it. Sounds like the potential for a winning move, either way.

Basin Uranium (BURCF) Could Position You For The Coming Demand For Domestic Uranium

This is a moment in time aggressive investors do not want to miss.

Building a sustainable uranium supply chain is one of the U.S.’s top priorities because impenetrable domestic supply protects its nuclear power industry from Russia’s unpredictable leadership. 

So, I urge you to do your research on Basin Uranium (BURCF) now. That way, you could put yourself in position to be one of uranium’s earliest and biggest winners.

But before you do, make sure to show your investment advisor or broker a copy of this report.

I think you’ll both agree that Basin Uranium (BURCF) could have the special potential to be one of the clean energy revolution’s biggest winners.

– Bryan Perry | Investingtrends.com

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